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Magic the Gathering
Pokemon Merchandise
Pokemon Events
Pokemon Tuesday Evenings at BoH
Pokemon Go! Meets at BoH
Yu Gi Oh Events at Bag of Holding
OTS events at BoH
Currently we are unable to run events due to Covid-19. We are looking forward to putting on the best Yugi events in Bournemouth just as soon as it is safe to do so!
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Dungeons & Dragons
Comic Zone
Like to Roleplay? We have store DM's waiting to guide you! Just ask in our Facebook group to join a session!
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The Bag of Holding Story

From small beginnings to Bournemouth's Best Game Store and Geek Hangout!

Booster Packs Sold

Our packs always have mythics. We would guarantee it but we too busy eating great burgers and getting 200fps on Warzone.

Events Held

Just better. More fun, better experiences and always a great time. 

Burgers Sold

We think. Probably. When your food is this good who is counting?
250 FPS


and yes, we can run Crysis. Easily. Just ask our 3080's. We Gsynced out of our minds! 
Check out our GFuel bar here!

Great experiences is what we do

Games, food and fun. We are a full spectrum gaming lounge in the heart of Bournemouth

Games Store

From Magic the Gathering to the latest Video games.
Take me there

Great Food

Our food is steadily making a name for itself in Bournemouth.
I need this

Good Times

Covid isn't forever. We are ready to lead the way with great events!
Yes please

Really it comes down to putting on a show

and baby can we put on a show! 

Bag of Holding is not your typical game store. Innovative, pioneering...leading the way. Our list of firsts is as mighty as our 6oz burgers. 

We will try it all chasing the perfect experience.

We believe we are the best at what we do because we understand exactly what we want from a game store. Its about quality, its about the experience. Gaming is social, it is inclusive and it is full spectrum. 

We will take care of you whilst you are here. Feed you, entertain you. You will not want to leave. That is what we are about.

Join Our Crew

Think you have something to offer? Unless you can complete Act 1 Greenhill Zone in under 29 secs, don't bother. If you can, well...lets see what you got.

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